Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dream come true

I'm so happy today because Mike Lipman gave me a call and said there's an opening at Blues Alley on October 18 and asked me whether I wanted to take it. I said "Hell yeah." He says I haven't heard of Clarence but if you can secure both Bill Heid AND Big Joe Maher, you'll get the gig. I say they'll do it in a heartbeat. Damn, I also got Michael Bowie, bassist extraordinaire for The Manhattan Transfers, Michel Camilo, and Abbey Lincoln. I must say I'm privileged to be working with these world-class musicians.

Moreover, it's a big step up for Clarence. He always talks about making it big. This will be a great opportunity for Clarence to showcase his real talent and break it in the blues industry since he'll be leading this fine band. I hope he'll appreciate this gig as much as I do.

For me, this is a musician's wetdream! It's sad that we can't add any horns because the money is kind of tight. But playing at Blues Alley has always been my dream, ever since I first came to DC. Even though I've played at venues like the Kennedy Center and Carton Barron, Blues Alley remains a sacred sanctuary to me (kinda like playing at the Village Vanguard or Blue Note for some people). I told myself I'd only play it when I know it's the right show (meaning that I'd turn it down if midgets like Sherwood hired me). This is the right show and this will be the highlight of my musical career.

So if you love me, please, pleeeeeease come to this gig! I implore you! This is DA GIG of my life! It's kinda funny, because when other aspects of my life suck, my music takes off. It's a peculiar balance.

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