Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dick Cheney has no neck...

...and the American media really favors him because Edwards clearly kicked Cheney's butt but the polls indicated it was "toe-to-toe." I don't think telling people that Edwards missed many meetings in Congress was an appropriate response to Edwards' Halliburton question. Cheney is Dr. Evil and there's no question about it. My question is how could people like Cheney sleep soundly at night knowing many U.S. soliders and Iraqi civilians are killed daily due to his command?

Autumn is here. The CBM hasn't hit yet. I'm exercising a lot these days and also go to bed early. I feel healthier. It seems like everything comes to a hault when school and work start. Men and women both have PMS. Moody people, like ants, are everywhere. No more elevator etiquette, social etiquette for that matter. Everyone is selfish trying to beat everyone else to the elevator or the social ladder. Talipups jumping and diving in the pool. One Talipup bringing in six other Talipups to jump and dive with only one pool pass. You don't see people smiling at you anymore.

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