Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Best gig of my life, Pt. 2

How could you not swing your ass off if your backing rhythm section is Big Joe Maher and Eric Harper with the impeccable Bill Heid playing the authentic blues piano? It was a gift for Clarence, though he had doubts before. His doubts were eradicted when we pulled off "Cleo's Mood." The rest of the night was just swinging and howling and playing the blues. Clarence was so at ease towards the end of the first set and he played some of his best guitar licks I've ever heard him play.

The audience was equally lovely and playful, responding to Clarence's invitation "Hey Hey, The Blues is Alright" and clapping profusely to every memorable solo. We had a live recording and I can't wait to hear it and publicize it.

The Blues Alley management told me that we were the best blues band the club has had in a very long time. Gigs like this don't come by very often. It's gotta be the right place at the right time. Blues Alley 10/18/04 was no doubt a stepping stone in my career, simply because I had so much fun.

Congratulations to Clarence Turner for making one of the Baltimore Blues Society IBS finalists. Next stop: Memphis, TN.

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