Sunday, September 05, 2004

Old friends

The day belonged to Clarence Turner. The night belonged to Jeff Conlin. Hell yeah, a day full of blues for me. But it was Jeff's utterly surreal experience (Read his latest post 9/5/04 1:11 a.m. before he headed back to Surf Club to return my overdue DVDs) that makes me even more unworthy to describe this day. I sweated a lot and used lots of towels. But it was worth it. Every minute of it. I'm so exhausted it's not even funny.

Jeff poured his heart out (as evidenced in his solo in "Cold Feeling." Then at the Surf Club, I heard some of his most amazing solos jamming with Linwood Taylor. I agree with almost everything he says in his entry except that Blue Lou is a local blues icon. Far from that. With all due respect, he has a long way to go. Sorry to say, but maybe he'll never reach that status. He's a super nice guy though.

I thought I only played OK at the festival (I thought I played better last year), but after listening to my brother's cassette tape (he taped the whole show on radio), I was pleasantly surprised - I was actually quite good, and the band sounded great. I guess we were the second best set of the night. Jesse Yawn and his Music Men took the cake for the best performance that afternoon. Oh, we got a standing ovation once again and Melanie Mason did not. What does that say?

Jeff said something really awesome when we were about to part with Clarence and his wife at the Surf Club, "I like you (meaning Clarence), Henry, Gene, Kim, and Sean. That's it." That speaks volumes. And the real question is: Where's Dr. Kim (He's a real doctor, not just a love doctor)? When are we gonna play with him again.?

I miss old friends.

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