Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Keepin' It Real

Incidentally, my two idols Ali G and Rod Piazza both have the motto of "keepin' it real." It may mean that you have to embrace life as it is, accept its fallacies and enjoy the simple pleasure of it. The essential Zen teachings state that to attain the best possible results, you and the environs must become one. You have to "forget" about your existence because you have become your own surroundings. I wonder if that's a way of saying "keepin' it real."

A year ago, I told my friend I crave the "raw energy" deep in my soul. I still do. And since I regained my mojo, it's time to exploit that raw energy and employ it to its fullest. I know I'm speaking in abstract terms, because it applies differently to different people. To Rod Piazza, keepin' it real means that his band still plays with boldness and retains that vintage Chess sounds. To Ali G, it means to nonchalantly dismiss the pseudo-intellectualism of it all and keep things simple.

To me, it means to finish each of my actions in an art form. Like turning in something brilliant to my boss, get down to the root of the problem and solve it, even hop onto the bus in a carefree manner, and wish dishes with zest (not the soap). I'll try to become one with the environment and not let external encumbrances annoy me. I'm not just me. I'm it.

Let's keep it real, folks.

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