Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I feel like I'm dreaming

This is truly unbelievable. My favorite lifeguard is back, and the encounter was totally unexpected. I often wonder meeting some of my lost loves this way, but it never happened. It turns out that she has been here since June. Why the hell did you not call me? I e-mailed you but you never e-mailed back. Your e-mail was blank. Your phone was disconnetced. All these excuses. But I swam good today. 50 laps; non-stop. I was proud of myself. Part of me that was missing is now coming back. It's amazing how some girls can make you or break you.

We drove from Ellicott to White Flint. The stereo was playing Johnnie Bassett's mean old nasty jazzy blues. She says I like this music it puts me in a good mood. She says I want to be independent this year. Dropped her off. She gave me her home phone number. Promised to call. I don't know if I'll call her. I got burned last year.

It was a like dream. I still think I'm dreaming. But I know God's good to me. At least I got half of myself back.

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