Monday, September 13, 2004

The end of summer

I'm not sad the summer is almost over because this summer was like no summer at all. And I only truly experienced three weeks of it. Somehow Chad & Jeremy's "A Summer Song" got stuck in my head while I was driving to work this morning. Maybe I'm feeling nostaglic.

Anyway, I'm writing again because I don't want to lose my readers. So what happened to me in the last week? I was just getting some mental rest. After a really bluesy weekend, I gotta get out of that mindset. I needed to explore human things and feelings. And tried not to be funny. I wanted to be serious for a little while. I can't truly laugh out loud anymore. You think you invested in friendships but it doesn't pay back. You think some people care about you but they don't. I think "hopefulness in life" and "low expectations in people" can be mutually exclusive. Right now, that's my mode.

I guess I could write about the HK Legislature election, weekend with my cousin, or the conspiracy theory behind Zhang Yimou's Hero, but I'd rather talk about why microwaved food or conditioner is bad for you or why I think yogurt is yucky. The bottomline is: Some people have a better support network, and more power to them. For those like you and me who have a loose support network, shame on us!

Right now I crave: red meat, the guitar solo at the end of the Carpenters' "Goodbye To Love," a jitsu massage on my right shoulder, a cold beer, a special someone who's primarily responsible for my happiness, and some paper clips.

Have a good week, guys.

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