Thursday, August 26, 2004

What's a NOVA vibe?

I know I'm blogging more than usual these days, but I want to try to get this idea out.

I've had a little debate with some of my female friends lately. Stephanie and Maura try to defend themselves from having a NOVA vibe. There are generally three types of vibe in the DC metro area: DC, Northern Virginia (NOVA), and Montgomery County (MOCO) vibes.

The DC vibe is the coolest, even though still four months behind NYC, Paris, and Hong Kong. They dine at Raku, shop at Urban Outfitters, practice Yoga, and go to Black Cat Wednesday. The extreme ones discuss existentialism at Kramerbooks or drink Lassi at Teaism and pretend they don't see people holding hands in Dupont Circle. Their conversations usually revolve around politics (esp. why Ralph Nader is a shameless bastard) and gossip (whether Martha Stewart is in love with Keanu Reeves). Sadly, DC people may think they're hipper than they truly are.

The NOVA and MOCO people have overlapping styles. Girls in their late 20's look like they are in their mid-30's mainly due to frequent visits to tanning salons and excessive smoking. They also hang out a lot at the so-called hip hair salons and give mean looks to girls who are less tanned or have a less smoky voice. They're mean. And some of them hang out at Ozio's or Dragonfly on Saturdays and pretend they belong to the DC vibe.

MOCO people have a certain white trash quality about them. The guys hang out at Hooter's or Polly Esther's and ride Harley-Davidson bicycles and have fading tattoos on their arms. They think Bethesda's cool! MOCO girls wear rolled up jeans and dine outside of Parker's or Jaleo's and have curly blonde hair. When guys approach them, they start talking like Britney Spears and say "Fuck off, scum!"

NOVA girls hang out at Tyson's Corner and dine at Maggiano's or Daily Grill. They either wear high-sole shoes and shop at Anthropologie or wear black hip-flops and shop at Old Navy. They either have a Coach or Kate Spade handbag. They, too, have curly blonde hair or brown hair with blonde highlights. They think Tyson's the coolest place in the world. Better than Pentagon City Mall big time! NOVA guys are just non-stylish: slick back hair, tucked-in dress shirt, impatient look on face waiting for their girlfriends to finish up their shopping so they can go home and watch "The OC."

So what kind of a vibe do you have? God, how I love generalizing people!!

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