Monday, August 02, 2004

The political underpinnings of The Village

Well, I never thought I'd post anything about this movie. But I saw an interesting interpretation of the film today on IMDB. OK, The Village is pure M. Night Shyamalan style - suspenseful story/plot development, good acting, but has an ending as contrived as a stale tomato. The only saving grace is its lead actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard's daughter, playing a blind girl sacrificing her fright for love.

The IMDB user wrote:
It seemed to me that Shyamalan was using this story as an analogy for the actions of the government post 9-11. The village elders (the government) was using fear of Those We Do Not Speak Of (terrorism) to keep the villagers (citizenry) from disobeying their orders.

This hypothesis is nothing short of ingenious. But did Shyamalan have that in mind when he made it? Or was he just being narcissistic as to fool the audience into believing his ill-conceived motifs? What about the self-indulgent directorial cameo?

What do you think about The Village, a political commentary or an idiotic cinematic experience?

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