Friday, August 20, 2004

"O" for Olympics

I'm hooked by the Olympics! It's just all so exciting. My favorite events are women's volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, diving, men's basketball, women's soccer, etc. I want to see more of ping-pong and track & field (I guess it hasn't started yet). The best moment was men's swimming relay when Keller beat Thrope by 0.33 seconds. Simply amazing! How could those girls get so flexible in gymnastics. I can't even ride a bicycle.

[This paragraph has been slightly altered due to the G-Rated nature of this blog.] I find this quite interesting. Well, I bet some atheletes just use them to make water balloons, but you can't be so sure.

My friend said off the record, "Well, I think they deserve it after months and years of intense training." I'm sure he's only referring to the water balloons.

Stay tuned and enjoy; it's only once every four years, and it doesn't often happen in Greece.

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