Monday, August 23, 2004

Male hormones aren't necessarily evil

It's time to have a heart-to-heart with my readers again.

Ed wrote me something insightful this weekend:

so living a life without a love for a woman requires strong friendships and a rich social life with an artistic vision that drives you to insanity.

it gets lonely without a woman cause it's in our genetic code.

but it is the contradiction.
the love for a woman inspires our work as well as tears us down
I've been thinking, and re-thinking. You've gotta give credits to gay men and monks and (some) priests because how can they do it? I'd like to think celibacy is a choice for all men, but not quite. Some of my female friends are tired of looking and want to settle down. And it turns out that some of the male friends want to settle down too. But the thing is, it's not exhausting to just look. But once you've picked someone, it's exhausting trying to work out little details with them and see if they're compatible with us.

Again, it all comes down to luck. You can achieve certain things in life by working hard. But you can't win the heart of a woman without a bit of help from Mr. Fortune. Janine mentions that relationship is a little bit of luck and a little bit of what our unconcious brings to the situation. I'm privileged to know people with such wisdom. After all, I am a deep believer in the right situation will emerge when you are least expecting it.

The hell with CBM, the hell with the holiday season, love is in the swimming pool.

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