Thursday, August 26, 2004

Late nights in DC

Jeff said "I hate DC. I hate DC people." Point well-taken, and I understand why. But if I were ever to leave DC, I'd have a nostalgic feeling. How many footprints have I left in the capital of the United States? The best thing about DC is its late nights. And of course, Ben's Chili Bowl first comes to mind. Frankly, they have the greasiest, fattiest food you'll ever have in your life, but it's soulful and delicious. And it's been in the area since 1958. My favorite items are the chilly burger and cheese fries, and I don't even like chili. Lou Donaldson once said, "Not everybody can play the blues. You can practice all you want, but you've gotta eat the right food." I believe that's the "right food" Lou's talking about.

Once you have eaten in Ben's Chili Bowl, you'd want to skip pretentious places like Bistro Lepic. What's the point? Would you rather chill out with brothers and sistas who understand human suffering or the uptight corporate types who stare at you partly because you wonder what kind of avant garde dish they're ordering and partly because you're Asian.

Soul is what late nights are all about. You can't find a whole lotta soul in the daytime. Plus I'm usually working.

U street is also the epitome of soul in Washington. Starting from left to right: U-Topia, Black Cat, Bar Nun, The Islander, 9:30 Club, Bohemian Caverns, Sparky's. Of course, I always miss the greasiness of Ledbetter and Cafe Toulouse.

Sometimes people and joints define more about the place than the place itself. To some, DC might mean the White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Gallery of Art. To me, Ben's Chili Bowl defines DC. That's what DC is all about.

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