Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A haphazard entry

First off, a really funny website capturing the tidbits of the recent episode concerning Albert Cheng vs. Winnie Yu. Be sure to click on the e-card to have a good laugh.

My friend Ronald is getting married on August 14. I'd like to say congratulations and also regret that I won't be there to attend it since I live so far away. I send my best regards and wish him and his wife a happy future ever after. Check out his lovely wedding page (though it takes a while to load).

While I was walking in NYC on Friday, I was enjoying my solitude and thought to myself gee how much I like spending time by myself without having to listen to other people about where to go what to eat. I had the whole city all my myself for once free of encumbrances, annoyance, and opinions, and full of autonomy, joy, and liberty. Loved the city, the motion, the trendiness, the coffee, the fact that no one looks at you with an biased eye. You do your thing and not worry about paying taxes, pleasing someone, or trying to have people agree with you. You and the environment. You and the night and the music. You and your own shadow. Then, you hear music playing in the background, be it jazz, or sweet soul music, or some anonymously mediocre sax-playing street bum trying to make a living by playing a couple of Kenny G licks (though he may think he's Kenny Garrett). The city encapsulates feelings, lost souls, and certain unfortunate encounters.

You and the city two in one in a shampoo bottle.

So I'm back in town! Come get me!

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