Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Do any of you watch the Ali G show? Now that Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office are on hiatus, Ali G's my new favorite 30-minute show on TV. Borat is my favorite character. He's sooo baaddd that it's impossible not to laugh. And it's funny because he aims at the fact that some people take themselves so seriously.

Now, this is sad...I don't know if this is funny, or sad. But it's definitely gross. After all, eating Ray Liotta's brain may be practiced in other parts of the world.

The Olympics is coming. Is anyone following it?

What does it take to be hip in Washington DC? It doesn't carry the same connotation in New York. In NY, all you have to do is to wear tight raver clothers, gel your hair like Sid Vicious, put on the same chains and car keys around your neck, walk around West Broadway and pretend you're buying tickets to watch a semi-artsy fartsy film in Angelika Film Center. Or work on Wall Street.

In DC, you don't get same effect by visiting Sparky's Coffee, Visions Cinema, or Black Cat Wednesday. People just don't measure you by the same yardstick. I used to frequent 18th Street Lounge and Nation, now it just gets old. Some kind of hipness is timeless, too. Case in point: Three years ago, I came back from Paris with the song "Lebanese Blonde" and promoted it here (oddly enough, it was a song by DC's own Thievery Corporation). Now it's featured in the soundtrack of the hippest movie in town.

You don't have to answer the Tower of Power song, all you have to do is to give the Bob Dorough/Dave Frishberg answer.

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