Friday, July 23, 2004

One final push

If you LOVE me, no, let me rephrase, if you find me remotely likeable or not hateful, or you have told yourself at least once that Sonny Boy is a pretty damn good harmonica player, then you MUST come to the Frederick Blues Festival tomorrow.

I usually don't do this, but I IMPLORE you to come! This is because it's a family blues bash and kids can have their first or second exposure to the blues and there's no smoking. For those who can't come out to nightclubs because you are domesticated or don't like nightlife, this is perfect for you and no more excuses!

For those who simply dig the blues, simply come out and hear the fabulous Liz Briones doing some funky blues, with Tom Nemwan on guitar, Walter Cosby on bass, Jay Nichols on drums and yours truly Sonny Boy on the Mississippi saxophone. Watch out for my arrangement on a slow blues.

I had a few people tell me before, "Hey, I didn't really appreciate the blues until I heard you," or "I've never seen or heard a harmonica played like that." Well, I often tell people, if you go out on a date with me, you'll change your opinion of the male gender. If you come to the Frederick Blues festival, you'll change your opinion of the blues. Yes, I'm that emphatic!

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