Thursday, July 29, 2004

My mojo just won't work on you

Muddy Waters is a genius. He says, "I've got my mojo working/but it just don't work on you." How ingenious is that? He summarizes the human condition in just two lines. We're all tiny little beings who are just trying to get through the day. Sometimes we try too much. In the past two weeks, I tried a little too hard. From now on (starting August), I'm gonna be as chilled and laid back as possible. I'll still try, but won't care much about the result, because I've got my mojo working but it just don't work on you.

I've still got to finish Kundera's Immortality, the book that Stephanie got me for my birthday, the G.I. Joe DVDs, and revisit some of The Office episodes. I'll also swim and/or run every day, lose some pounds, and burn some fat off my fat ass. Really to get my shit together. I haven't truly enjoyed the summer yet, ad it's almost over. I'm gonna start.

Just finished two bar exams in a mere three-day period. I am beat as a zombie. I need rest. I need NY city love. I need my anonymous attention. I need worship from the metropolitan surroundings. I need to work on the streets and feel like a true pseudo-intellectual. I want to go home and tell myself, "This never happened." Nothing like this ever happened.

But then today I walked to Holiday Inn across the Garden State Exhibition Center on purpose and memories rushed back. And I realize you can't change some things.

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