Friday, July 09, 2004

More on Before Sunset

I promised I would talk more about Before Sunset; I'm doing it now.

This is really a movie for those who (1) watched its prequel Before Sunrise 9 years ago and (2) cared about its characters played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. And if you do not fit (1) or (2), you'll be clueless about this movie. I loved the sequel because I love hearing intelligent people talk. Well, I'm one of them and I talk like them. I am one of those pseudo-intellectuals who sit with wine and cheese and mispronounce "didacticism" and "allegorical" at Elaine's in Woody Allen films.

I have had conversations in real time like these. "This way, the cafe is over there," as Delpy points Hawke to the right direction. I love such spontaneous, carefree conversations when people walk and talk. The film ends with Delpy doing an imitation dance to Nina Simone's "Just in Time," which is a superb choice to end the unresolved film. What's gonna happen to the two?

This movie confirms my belief that those who are meant to meet will meet again. One way or the other. In this case, Jesse wrote the book, scheduled the book tour in Paris only hoping to run into Celine again. And people do that in real life. Like taking an art history course hoping she'll be in that class. Going to that neighborhood for coffee hoping he'll hang around with his poodle next to the supermarket. Looking for a book in the self-help section in Barnes & Noble hoping she'll buy the new Deepak Chopra masterpiece on love.

Hope, something still drives me these days.

Hope it is.

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