Sunday, July 04, 2004

Feeling patriotic?

Was a bit sad yesterday. A little bit sad today. But felt a moment of joy tonight. I was invited to an unlikely birthday party which turned out to be surprisingly fun. Munish was kind enough to be my bodyguard after a tough day. Met the cool-cat birthday girl who likes Mark Twain and adores Alice in Wonderland. I told her when I was a kid I liked Heidi and she told me she just saw the movie version with Shirley Temple in it three days ago. The conversation made me want to pick up Milan Kundera's Immortality and start reading it.

Caught up with Celine and Jesse's nine-year reunion last night at Bethesda Row, confirming my theory that some couples are destined to meet one another again if meant to be. The funny thing is that you care about people like Jesse and Celine, just like you care about Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as Harry and Sally. Maybe they should come out with a film called When Harry divorced Sally soon...In any case, Before Sunset made me feel so good (more about that later).

So why was I sad? Why am I sad? Don't know (maybe I just don't want to share it in the blog. It's scary how many people actually read my blog but refuse to leave a comment. I was at Europa one night and this random person told me he reads my blog every day. Frightening!) Maybe that's why I got the right to play the blues. Being a bluesman means you can afford to be eccentric and sad without giving any reason. That sounds irresponsible, but who's gonna ask B.B. King if he's having a bad day. I guess the reason I'm sad is because I'm lamenting my luck. Or regretting never having made certain bold moves. And tonight made me realize I've still got time.

No plans for 4th of July except having to read a difficult Bible passage for church and the pastor already told me to rehearse it. Momentarily listening to Gene Harris swinging his ass off on the piano with a bluesy touch, and loving life right now.

[Add: I know why I'm sad. Caught up with the closing credits in Intolerable Cruelty where they played Big Bill Broonzy's The Glory of Love. It was so acoustically powerful that I couldn't help but lament my luck.]

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