Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bon anniversaire!

Happy Bastille Day, you Francophiles! Incidentally, it's also my birthday. So send me an e-mail or text message me and tell me something shocking or reveal your secret crush.

My birthday wishes this year are as follows:

1. Job security.
2. Become an upright, not uptight, citizen.
3. Start saving money to purchase a saxophone.
4. Ensure that world peace is in place, either by voting for John Kerry or compaigning against Ralph Nader or advocate the sales of Farhenheit 9/11 when it comes out on DVD.
5. Fulfill my Friendster profile promises.
6. Trademark the term "blues harp wailing lawyer" and become one of the greatest blues harmonica players in the world.

You can contribute to item 3 by donating to the Henry Chung saxophone trust fund monthly or to item 6 by coming to all my live shows. Most of all, you will help world peace by voting in Novmeber.

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