Thursday, June 17, 2004

More random thoughts on my mind

Just came back from a FOIA seminar which took place in the Ronald Reagan Building this morning. It was very symbolic. The seminar was very informative but a little bit too long. There was comedy involved but it wasn't my cup of tea. The food court was pretty classy. The Michael Jordan restaurant has been replaced by Aria, an Italian restaurant. Things in DC change rapidly without telling you.

My Mom told me my aunt's funeral went as flawless as possible. My cousin led the prayer; my brother sang; another cousin played the piano; my Dad recited my aunt's biography. My Mom said if I were there, I'd play the harmonica. My Mom and the praying cousin organized the event. She says our family is very gifted and fortunate. There are many talents in it and it was good to see almost everybody there. The atmosphere wasn't too sad. I am grateful that I have such a supportive family.

So many people died recently: Adam, my aunt, Reagan, Ray Charles...Today, DC blues legend Nap Turner passed away. I got Wayne Kahn's e-mail and he says he's really sad about it because Nap contributed so much to the DC blues scene. My fellow comrades Bill Heid, Clarence Turner, Rusty Bogart, Arthur Gerstein have all performed with Nap before. I've never met Nap personally but I've listened to his radio show enough to know that he was passionate about the music. My thoughts are with Nap's family and friends.

So I'm going to New York City this weekend. The main purpose is to see Adam's family and personally offer my condolences. I also want to see some friends and a Chinese family I haven't seen for two years. I was very close with that family because they used to take care of me when I went to New York. It's time to pay my tribute once again!

If I have a little time left, I might even check out the trumpet summit at the Smoke Club on Saturday night. If you happen to be on 105 Street and Broadway at 11 pm on June 19, come look for me!

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