Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Looks like my luck will change after all

I used to believe in my ability more than luck or fortune. But as one grows up, one realizes he or she can only control certain parts of life, no matter how hard you work it. Free will is a key participant but luck plays a big part too. However, positive attitude and outlook can totally change your luck. And you need luck in some areas more than others. Hard work may lead you to a better job opportunity; luck is more instrumental in sustaining a doomed love relationship. Enough of didacticism, let's move on.

Gazuza on Tuesday nights are swank because you don't get a shitload of people and you don't need to show your cleavage to get a faster drink. Happy birthday to Munish, and I'll see you this Friday at Sequoia.

I've been more selective in choosing movies these days. As someone who loves viewing a film on the big screen and hates missing the opening credits (I sometimes refuse to continue watching if I miss the opening credits), going to the cinema has always been one of my favorite pasttimes. But since I've been burnt by the first Lord of the Rings installment (hated it and walked out after the first hour), I now do a careful cost-benefit analysis before I walk into the theatre. Inspired by Eternal Sunshine, I wish I could erase many hours of terrible movie memories, notably Batman & Robin and anything that stars Stephen Baldwin, Josh Hartnett, or Keanu Reeves (except Matrix & Dangerous Liaisons).

Thankfully, I've made great decisions thus far this year: The Passion, Kill Bill 2, Harry Potter 3, Fahrenheit 9/11. The next two movies I will see are Spiderman 2 and Before Sunset. Let's hope the winning streak continues.

I miss playing music and talking about it. I'm grateful that DC offers a bevy of incredible musicians, especially rhythm players. You don't get a lot of Steve Novosels or Michael Bowies in one place. And I miss playing with Gavin.

I've also begun to realize you don't necessarily have to be "good" to be popular in the music industry. And I'm not even talking about Britney Spears or Hilary Duff on the grand scale. In a not-so-musical town like DC, the most popular artists can't sing or play but they get a lot of gigs because they are either novelty items or just have a lot of friends who come to their shows.

I trust my ears. I know when I hear good music. As Chuck Underwood says, "Henry, you should win the best listener WAMMIE if there were such an award." I take that as a compliment.

[7/1: I have withdrawn my Anthropologie comment. Someone pointed out that it's kinda creepy for people who don't know me. And it's not a good place to start. But I have to add it's good store if you want to buy birthday presents or party supplies.]

My favorite blog idol is taking a hiatus from blogging, and I'm sad.

How come they always have a horrendous magazine collection at the dentist's office?

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