Thursday, June 10, 2004

I've got random (and Georgia) on my mind

It's been an uneventful (but highly productive) week. Day in, day out at the library. Though quiet, I am enjoying it cuz no one disturbs me. Kinda the polar opposite of Negril, Jamaica. Many of my friends are moving, either across state lines or just changing apartments. Been MIA in terms on contacts, and my reward is the MIA in my "Comments" section. Someone's gotta be reading my blog, right? But no one wants to leave a comment.

Discovered that someone's stalking me all the way from France. Must be my Paris legacy. Half-flattered and half-annoyed, because the ones who stalk me aren't the ones I want them to stalk. The ones who I want to stalk me never stalk me because they have other people stalking them. The world is just a big stalking paradox.

Congrats to Gavin on getting into the Amsterdam Conservatory. Enrique from Mexico sent me a surprise text message. My brother seems to be having a good time in Hong Kong (and I can't wait to hear the details of the long awaited Sam Hui concert). The whole Reagan thing is blowing out of proportion. While Bush declared tomorrow a public holiday, everybody's flocking to the Rotunda at present (including my various co-workers).

Right now, I'm trying to find somethin' cool to listen this summer from my music collection. The Beach Boys and Chad & Jeremy's "A Summer Song" are a good starting point. Any suggestions, people?

P.S. I just found out that another music icon Ray Charles died as of my writing this entry. It's really the blues. This one is for you, Ray.

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