Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The gender bender

Focus on the Family's website has a curious article entitled "How Parents Can Prevent Homosexuality." Well, I tried to editorialize it, but actions speak louder than words. Enjoy!

My favorite Focus on the Family topic is its chapter on "Spanking." The following are excerpts from the chapter:

Question: There is some controversy over whether a parent should spank with his or her hand or with some other object, such as a belt or paddle. What do you recommend?

Answer: I recommend a neutral object of some type.

Question: It just seems barbaric to cause pain to a defenseless child. Tell me why you think it is healthy to spank him or her.

Answer: Corporal punishment, when used properly and lovingly, is beneficial to a child because it is in harmony with nature itself.

Question: On what part of the body would you administer a spanking?

Answer: It should be confined to the buttocks area, where permanent damage is very unlikely.

You've got to love the freedom of speech.

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