Sunday, June 27, 2004


What a miracle! Fahrenheit 911 is No. 1 at the box office. Let's make the winning streak continue until Bush is voted out of office this November.

Just came back from my own viewing of Fahrenheit 911. This is Michael Moore's most accomplished movie to date and no wonder it won Best Picture at Cannes. There was a two minute non-stop applause after the show and people at my theatre loved it. They laughed at the right places and were incredulous at others. Moore pretty much based the film's premise on a section of his bestseller Dude, Where's My Country, especially the part about the connection between the Bush family and the Saudis, particularly the bin Laden family. Then he expands his scope to the Iraq war that is presently still going on though it was once believed to be "Mission Accomplished."

I thought Moore was going to jump to conclusions quite quickly (like from A to C, skipping B), but no, he had hardcore facts, statistics, and excellent archive footage (notably Bush's facial reaction in the classroom after he had heard the second plane had struck WTC). Yes, perhaps some quotes are taken out of context and individual stories are carefully chosen for sensational values, but overall the film is coherent, logical, and thought-provoking. I liked it even more than Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine.

In the near future, there will be a Moore-bashing documentary called Michael Moore Hates America. In addition, there are Moore-bashing websites such as This is good because it encourages dialogue and show America still has free speech and an open mind. But I have yet to see if they are going to be as persuasive as Moore's take on America. As of now, the is pretty lame because they confuse and misquote more than educate and elucidate (check it out and judge for yourself).

Michael Moore says Fahrenheit is to an extent a justification of his Oscar acceptance speech. There's nothing wrong with that because what we get is a fun two-hour ride (with some disturbing war images). This movie is more about humanity than politics. When asked whether they would send their kids to help out the Iraq war, some Congressmen dodged Moore's question and walked faster to get away from the camera.

I admire Michael Moore for his courage and out-spokenness. He's America's conscience. He posed the question in the beginning of the film, "After Gore's loss in Florida, has this all been a dream?" Yes, but not until we vote Bush out of the office this November. Let's do it together.

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