Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Booties everywhere

I told you after coming back from Jamaica, I'd smack anybody who plays reggae in my face. Well, here's an amendment to the early rule - with the exception of the song "Rudies All Around." When we were enjoying the all-inclusive (read: diarrhea-induced) option at the almighty Hotel Samsara, this song was being played many times to a point that we almost memorized all the lyrics. With that funky pronunciation, we originally thought the name of the song was called "Booties Everywhere" because given the circumstances, it made sense at the time. Jamaica is synonmous with booty. And yes, there were booties everywhere.

Greg did some great research and found out the song is actually called "Rudies All Around" sung by Joe White, a semi-known reggae singer. What struck me is that the Jamaicans focused much more on rude people than the little boy's basketball itself. Jamaicans emphasize on the concept of "respect" a lot, or just the idea of it. To them, respect means money. Money first, respect second. They use "respect" as a greeting just like we say "Peace" or "Take it easy." RESPECT MON! You hear a lot of that. The song itself is ironic because Jamaicans are the rudies themselves and they are truly everywhere.

Greg's research also touched upon this candid account by a BA called the Great VaVa Voom who gave the best description of Negril. Our good friend Indian made a cameo appearance in the photos, but J-dog is nowhere to be found. I find VaVa's following testimonial completely accurate:

[E]xperience the real Jamaica in Spring Garden. Play ludie, drink Red Stripe and, maybe you can light up in the back. Negril doesn't strictly fall into the category of THDBs anymore. It is too developed and has too many package tourists. But it still has the best and most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, and is still the easiest place in the world to score weed (some of the sweetest and freshest in great amounts and many varied tastes)...Jamaica is very expensive...There is always something happening here (pure loony tunes).

So to make the long story short, I won't return to Jamaica again unless it's free and someone like EG is willing to stay at H2 with me. Just kidding! No, I won't go back.

There are many festivals this summer in DC. Unfortunately, I'll spend most of my time in the library. But if I do make an appearance say in the National Mall or a museum, I expect to see "booties everywhere."

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