Thursday, May 13, 2004

You and the night and the music

The gathering at Grand Slam in memorial of Adam went real well last night . Frankly, I don't think it could've gone any better. Special thanks to John for setting it up. It was a time for mourning and sadness, but everyone was so composed and positive that it made the atmosphere less solemn than expected. There was also some humor involved when everyone was telling their Adam stories. I think that's the way Adam would've wanted it. I also learned a few revealing facts about the accident and details of the funeral. I was so proud of everyone who was there.

After Grand Slam, Greg, my brother and I went to U-Topia to check out Pam and Chuck's Wednesday night duo show (after my one-and-a-half-year absence). There was nothing more appropriate than listening to Pam bopping like Charlie Parker on "Confirmation," rocking out on her congas, and playing the acoustic guitar, all at the same time while Chuck Underwood churned out some incredible guitar solos even on U2 songs. They went from jazz to pop to folk. They admittedly skipped their Radiohead cover. This is stuff you wish you heard in a collegetown coffee shop but never did. This is music that reminds you of pain but heals your wounds. Music lovers take note: Every Wednesday night at U-topia, 9:30 pm.

I just wrote a song called "Blues For Adam." It will be published on the lyrics page soon. Probably tonight after 6 pm.

Another piece of good news: Remember Moses Munene was still looking for furniture for his new apartment? Well, Clarence just called me and said he and his wife purchased a home and it had some furnishings Moses could probably use, such as an overhead microwave, mattresses, tables and chairs. I feel like I'm the charity king these days (but really I'm not).

Two more happy items: Mike Feldman from Band of Blue is featured and quoted in On Tap Magazine. And as to yours truly Sonny Boy, I have been inducted to Harmonica Links' Hall of Fame alongside giants like James Cotton, Phil Wiggins, Charlie Musselwhite, Carey Bell, Jerry Portnoy, Rod Piazza, etc. What an honor!

P.S. Adam's parents would appreciate hearing from you about your memories of their beloved son. Please send your Adam stories to

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