Friday, May 28, 2004

Writing from Jamaica

I know this is surreal, but I'm alive and well despite people here drive like maniacs and have no sense of time and can smell money from 3 feet away.

Money is how the country operates on, because it is such a poor society. So you kinda sympathize with the people, but it's pretty damn annoying every three minutes someone comes up to you and ask you if you want any weed.

I think Jamaica is good for single white (or Asian) females who really have a thing for Jamaican food (read between the lines) and lifestyle. But when you stay at a resort, it's the tourist lifestyle, not true Jamaican lifestyle. If you are hip enough to hang out with the natives, you're either destined to get ripped off or end up losing your dignity.

Jamaicans are natural born psychologists. Skip Psychology 101 in college and come to Jamaican to learn how to manipulate the human mind! The key is to outsmart the people and the culture, which is kinda like how to get by in some parts of China. No offense, but white males are the ultimate rip-off targets. So come with friends, bring some girls, it'll make you go along away.

Travelwise, we pretty much laid on the beach all day yesterday (without evening looking at the watch once. In fact, I hid my watch in a discreet little place). Went out to The Jungle (Negril's only nightclub) last night. Made a few new friends. Probably will hit Rick's Cafe, the waterfalls, etc. soon.

Sarah told me there are some fine men in Jamaica and I don't doubt that. For my purpose, it's non-applicable, but I'm certainly having a fabulous learning experience of how smooth they move. No wonder reggae is their national music!

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