Monday, May 24, 2004

Temporary retirement

After careful deliberation, I have decided I'm going to take a haitus in my blues harmonica playing. My Frederick Blues Festival show on July 24, 2004 with Liz Briones Band will mark my last public appearance, at least for a short while. In the meantime, I've gotta get my shit together and sort out some things and I feel like my gigging life has taken up a lot of my time and inhibited me from achieving some of my career goals. It's easy to say I'm gonna work and gig at the same time. The reality is, I've gotta get out of that mindset and rethink my priorities. Truly!

I promise I'll return to the blues scene with a vengeance in the near future, but this is obvious not the time. Meanwhile, I'll still go to shows and write about music on my blog from time to time. I hope I have left some well-thought-of legacy and have moved some people in some sort of way, profound or not.

Weekend was great. Went to a co-worker's birthday party. Arrived at the rooftop of The Reef at Adams Morgan (This was the second time I had to wait in line to go up to the rooftop since Eiffel Tower). There were lovely fish tanks on the second floor, too. I think people are nicer to me because it's summer. Some strangers even address me by name now.

Can't wait to go to Jamaica! Sarah gave me two excellent websites and lots of inside scoop. I must admit I wasn't truly ready for it until I heard the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" the other day. Made me want to re-watch Cocktail.

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