Monday, May 17, 2004

Heart of gold

I never thought I'd use the title of a Neil Young song to begin my blog...well, life is unpredictable, isn't it?

My weekend was filled with sounds of cicadas, a little bit of blues, club owners' hostility, a meaningful fundraiser event, encouraging words from friends far, far away, and my brother's company. It was lovely to see two furry cats running around and about eighteen people smiling at me. Ryfie's still in pain. I told her Adam had a heart of gold and he meant well and wanted everybody to be happy.

Gavin e-mailed me from Holland and said he misses DC and wanted to call me and talk to everyone simultaneously. Karen and Richard from England came to see my gig during their extremely short stay in DC. Greg wrote something in the Comment section on Friday that lifted me up. Thanks to those who have either padded me on the shoulder or sent me comforting words or offered condolences to Adam's family.

You know who your real friends are at hard times, because most people don't give a shit.

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