Saturday, May 15, 2004

A dose of happiness

My great friend KLEE sent me this great gift today. It couldn't have come at a better time. It's a video clip of Clarence Turner Blues Band's appearance on Arlington Public Access TV back in Novmeber 2003. I promised some of you to post this sooner. Here it is. It's got "Big Boss Man," "Cold Feeling," and a swing number. I loved this performance because it was one of the most accurate shows I've played with Clarence without any jamming tendencies. We played the blues very seriously. Sorry the clip may not be perfectly in sync, but this is the best we can do at this time. It is about 24 minutes long and it may take awhile to download, but it's worth it.

The lineup is as follows: Clarence Turner (vocals, guitar), Henry Chung (harmonica), Gene Meros (sax), Kim Graves (bass), Sean Graves (drums). I don't know if we can get this same tight and fantastic group back again, but I am hopeful.

This is a dose of happiness in midst of a sad week.

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