Friday, May 07, 2004

Best thing since William Hung

If you think William Hung is this year's ultimate phenom, think again. Wing could beat him in a heartbeat. Wing is a 60 year-old Chinese lady who now lives in New Zealand. She has been a hit way before William and she has now 7 albums to her credit.

The best thing is she says "I have worked hard and I hope you have all found I am improving." This beats William Hung's "I gave my best" speech.

Listen to Wing here. I guarantee you'll have a mighty good time after listening to her. Recommended tracks: "Endless Love," "Dream Lover," "Memory," "Don't Cry For Me Argentina."

If you like her CDs, buy them.

This is a treat! I have not had such a good laugh since who knows how long. If you Mom has access to internet, send it to her, for it'll make the best Mother's Day present.

Henry Chung Dot Net is solely responsible if Wing ever becomes a hit in the United States. I will take full credit for her success.

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